London Olympics

Create a global through-the-line campaign to run throughout the 2012 Olympics to engage the home city, London.

‘London Can Bolt’ featured real people and locations around the city, recreating Usain Bolts iconic pose. Artist Kate Gibb was commissioned to create 20 unique prints from the results of a 2 day photoshoot. The resulting prints were then flyposted all over London.

Special large format cut-outs were applied to a key site in the heart of Shoreditch. An integral part of the project was translating the creative into a retail environment. The complete store takeover included large scale ‘bolters’ on the fascia, athletic track floor vinyls, sand pits, javelins, branded hurdles, custom medals and synthetic grass.

Creative Lead
Graphic Design
Art Direction

A rigid design system with individual bold colours and iconography allows each beer it’s own unique personality whilst instantly being recognisable as Camden.


Custom type treatments reflect the individual characteristics of each beer. Inspired by traditional sign-writing in style, the names follow the same construction rules whilst treatments and colours provide a point of difference.


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